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To provide a full range of cleaning air conditioning engineering design and installation
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Jiangsu Chuangmai clean air conditioning engineering Co.,Ltd. is one produces the purification air conditioning equipment product the specialized factory.The enterprise is situated in the scenery beautiful Chiangnan region of rivers and lakes—In Wuxi Hui area batardeau bridge industry garden.Rather Shanghai,tin clear,tin suitable highway intersection point,The transportation facilitates extremely.

This factory technical force is abundant,Production,The check-out facility is advanced,And has one batch to be engaged in the research and development,Production purification equipment and complete set product professional.This factory collection purification equipment,Product,Project,installment is a body,Successively for the domestic near hundred enterprise pure workshop in purification equipment,the purification air conditioning project,including the pure decoration,the steam,the electricity,the water,the process tube design and the project installs the debugging to provide the omni-directional high-quality service.The enterprise has the air to purify the specialized intelligence certificate,project manager the intelligence certificate,the safe construction intelligence certificate.

This factory main purification product has the air conditioning to purify the unit,at the beginning of,the highly effective filter,the highly effective supply-air outlet,hundred level of laminar covers,the human,the channel wind drenches the room,the pure sampling vehicle,the air from air conditioning and so on cleaner purifies the complete set of products and the special-purpose material.

For many years,This factory all along persisted"take science and technology as first,quality for this"the management idea,"the good faith is professional,the user is supreme"is our service objective,And uses the new craft,the new technology unceasingly applies the product and in the engineering project,the technical achievement had guaranteed the high quality brand,the reliable product and the project quality set up the good enterprise image for the company,The good faith purifies has received the user community deeply the favor as well as the higher authority department responsible for the work's consistent high praise.The good faith purifies the plant by reason of enterprise's good faith,the product and the project has widely applied the aviation,astronautics,the electronic instrument,medicine food,the health instrument,the bio-engineering,the fine chemical industry,mechanical and electrical and so on the professions,the product proliferates each place.

All staff thanks the domestic and foreign friend's sincere cooperation heartfeltly and supports vigorously,is willing to provide omni-directionally,intimate,the high-quality service for the general new old users!
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