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Laminar flow hood
Class 100 laminar flow hood is a local Gao Jie net environment of air purification unit, can be installed in the above process to Gao Jie cleanliness, clean laminar flow hood can be used singly, can also be combined into a plurality of strip clean area.
Class 100 laminar flow hood is the air to a certain speed after the highly effective filter, the formation of both current layer, the vertical unidirectional flow clean air flow, so as to ensure the work in the region to achieve the technical requirements of the cleanliness, into the work area
There are two types of laminar flow hood including fan and fan. The installation methods include suspension type and floor support type, two kinds.
Cleanliness: work area more than 0.5m of dust particle size is less than or equal to 3.5 A / L (FS209E100)
Noise: less than 64 Db (A)
Average wind speed: 0.3 0.55m/s
It can be specially designed and manufactured according to customer's requirements.
The 100 - class laminar flow hood is an air purification equipment that provides a partial Gao Jie net environment. The utility model is mainly composed of a box body, a fan, a first effect air filter, a damping layer, a lamp, etc. the outer shell is sprayed with plastic. The product can be suspended and supported on the ground. The structure is compact and easy to use. It can be used individually or with multiple connections to form a strong clean area.
Class 100 laminar flow hood is the air through the fan with a certain pressure through the efficient air filter, presses by the damping level, is a vertical laminar flow clean air into the work area, so as to ensure the work area to achieve the required process of Gao Jie clarity. Now widely used in precision machinery, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, fine chemicals and other departments.
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