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3-leaching briefing room
3-leaching briefing room (FLS-F)

Wind is a clean room leaching plant and associated ancillary equipment clean room, except for blown into the clean area of the body surface attachment and carrying dust, gas from the gate at the same time, to prevent the unauthorized access to clean up the air cleaner region.Is a human, material purification and prevent outdoor air pollution effectively clean the equipment, high universality, and clean rooms and all supporting the use of cleaner plants.

FLS series of wind caused leaching room except manually open form, but also can be made electronic forms or automatic door interlocked forms. In addition to manually blowing at the same time cause leaching form, but also can cause leaching of blowing automatically.

Leaching wind made three-room, in order to access the direction of 90 degrees.

Wind leaching Room production, the basic frame structure can be divided into the following three:
1、Color-coated steel sandwich plate aluminum alloy structure
2、Bending paint structural steel
3、Bending stainless steel structure
(The above can be based on customer demands need to design, production)
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